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Joaquin Lopez

Tran Ph.D. & S.V
Dr. Pabbati & Sandhya Chaluvadi
Dr. Seshadri & Dr. Khosla
Ruy Machado & Lucila-Ohno Machado, MD, Ph.D.
Jack & Lisa Ratcliffe
Rickey Kallicharan & Dr. Ojha
Dr. Kevin Oum
Evan Walker & Dr. Cowell
Yan- Liang Zhang, Ph.D., & Dr. Zhong
Dr. Boswell & Dr. Barnes
Dr. Khosla & Dr. Seshadri
Dr. Trout & Mr. Becker
Dr. Law & Mr. Okov
What My Clients Say
It was our pleasure working with Joaquin. Joaquin possesses admirable work ethics and exceptional attention to detail. Those qualities reflected in his responsiveness whenever we needed his expertise or assistance, as well as in how he helped transform our vacant house into a turn-key model-type home. Having procured all the necessary vendors lined up one after another under a tight timeframe and in betw...

— Tran Ph.D. & S.V

What My Clients Say
Working with Joaquin made the process of buying a home easier than we ever thought it could be. In such a competitive market with many homes being sold off-market, Joaquin ensured we were always made aware of potential homes that met our needs. Whenever there was a home that was an option, not only did he set up a convenient time that accommodated work and family schedule with a newborn, but he also had ...

— Dr. Pabbati & Sandhya Chaluvadi

What My Clients Say
My husband and I just purchased our first home in Encinitas and we couldn't have been happier with the expertise that Joaquin provided during this stressful process. He was always a proactive advocate for us, responsive electronically and in person, and very patient as he accompanied us to properties throughout the county. My favorite part of working with Joaquin was his calm, measured, and appropriate a...

— Dr. Seshadri & Dr. Khosla

What My Clients Say
We had the best experience ever with Joaquin Lopez from Compass. From the moment that I walked into the open house to the final closing, he impressed me with his customer service and professionalism. We made an offer on Monday and closed the escrow on the following Wednesday, which must be a record. Highly recommend this young professional for your next real estate purchase or listing.

— Ruy Machado & Lucila-Ohno Machado, MD, Ph.D.

What My Clients Say
We first met Joaquin Lopez at an open house in San Diego. We were immediately struck by his ability to listen, his knowledge base, and his zeal for helping us find the right home. Choosing Joaquin to find our dream home was easy but our buying and selling situation was not at all. We were relocating from the San Francisco Bay Area with a family and had very little time to fly back and forth to do the leg...

— Jack & Lisa Ratcliffe

What My Clients Say
It is with absolute pleasure that I recommend Joaquin Lopez for your real estate needs. My wife and I searched for San Diego for a place to call our home for almost 2 years. We were able to set specific criteria within the first few months and thought that would make the search easier. Instead, we found ourselves frustrated with the process and on the brink of giving up the search. At this point a friend...

— Rickey Kallicharan & Dr. Ojha

What My Clients Say
I had moved from Orange County to San Diego and was looking for a house for my family. Whenever I asked Joaquin about the housing market or purchasing homes, he answered me very sincerely with professional knowledge. One of the reasons that I was selected by the home seller among 4 other offers was our very short 14 day close of the escrow time period we promised. I was actually worried about the timef...

— Dr. Kevin Oum

What My Clients Say
We would like to thank you for your help in purchasing our new home. Since this was our first home purchase, we appreciate your responsiveness and thorough attention to the details. You have answered all of our questions thoroughly and if you did not immediately know the answer, you found it promptly. We also appreciate that you have been readily available to show us the home when needed and to fix any p...

— Evan Walker & Dr. Cowell

What My Clients Say
Mr. Lopez not only knows the housing market in Carmel Valley and surrounding areas but also worked hard 24/7, always available and responsive. In our opinion, Mr. Lopez is a highly professional, experienced, and excellent result-driven agent.

— Yan- Liang Zhang, Ph.D., & Dr. Zhong

What My Clients Say
Thanks again Joaquin for helping us get all of the work done before we moved in. The house looks so much better after getting a thorough cleaning and getting the carpets done. The flowers you got us were so lovely. Such a nice treat to walk into when we came with the movers on Friday. We got everything moved in on Friday and have spent the last few days starting to get settled in the new place. It is so...

— Dr. Boswell & Dr. Barnes

What My Clients Say
We recently purchased an amazing investment property off-market to use as a short term rental with Joaquin Lopez. This was a multi-year search that involved looking in various areas of the county (at peak pandemic), letters to potential sellers, and finally Joaquin's sustained and highly skilled effort behind the scenes with the seller to achieve. Our family has worked with Joaquin for multiple real esta...

— Dr. Khosla & Dr. Seshadri

What My Clients Say
"Joaquin handled the sale of our beach property and made the transaction smooth and easy! He is a skilled negotiator with his client's best interest at heart. We highly recommend Joaquin for any real estate transaction!"

— Dr. Trout & Mr. Becker

What My Clients Say
"Joaquin was able to get us our forever home in 3 months! We are a double healthcare professional household with a newborn and a toddler so our time was very limited. Joaquin worked with us and triaged houses based on what we desired and within our budget. He worked around our hectic work and childcare schedules which was not an easy task. There was not one house that he sent/showed us that we did not li...

— Dr. Law & Mr. Okov

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Joaquin Lopez is a high-level customer service agent in San Diego delivering exceptional results.